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IV Supplies


  • Determine Needle/ Cath Gauge
  • Typical gauge for general midwifery purposes is 18 or 20. (Remember, the smaller the number the larger the needle.)
  • If you are going to transport with an IV in, or are replacing fluids due to blood loss, a 18 guage should be used
  • Choose Your Fluid
  • Lactated Ringers - Best for dehydration, but also clinically shown as effective for hemorrhage as regular saline. This is the preferred solution because of its ability to match the mother's blood electrolyte balance and neutralizes acidosis. This is the solution of choice for most midwifery related applications
  • Saline - Best for direct volume replacement with hypovolemic shock.
  • Lactated Ringer w/ 5% Dextrose - This may be used for hyperemesis. Useful for adding calories & sugar for exhaustion postparum, but should NOT be used in labor due to risk of maternal and fetal hyperglycemia among other risks. Should NOT be used for blood loss or shock due to Risk of blood electrolyte imbalance, tissue necrosis, and interstitial edema in the organs which could result in further organ failure.